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Towards a Normative Theory of Just Riots - University of Oxford

"In light of many mass uprisings over the last decade political theorists are increasingly questioning the illegitimacy of the riot. In this discussion, Jonathan Havercroft asks a more fundamental question: how did rioting become illegitimate? Using a genealogical approach, he traces the emergence of what he calls the riot taboo—the idea that riots, because they are violent protests, are illegitimate—from 16th century England to the present. He focuses on four discrete moments: 1. Early articulations of riot in English common law from 1500-1700; 2. The passage of the Riot Act in 1715 3. The development of the doctrine of unlawful assembly by English courts between 1815-1830; 4. The passage of the UK Public Order Act in 1986. This historical ontology demonstrates that the riot taboo is an historically contingent artifact of the liberal state that marginalized working class political voice while giving the middle class increased political power through the legal protection of the public sphere."

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Criminal Law Practice Panel

"The Levin Center invites you to join us, virtually, for a robust alumni panel Stephany Reaves Couper, JD’15, of PDS, Jessica Snyder, JD’13, Fed Defenders OR, Camille Fletcher, JD’13, of USAO SDNY, and Kyle Kahan, JD’14, of US Postal Service/USAO will discuss their experience in crim law practice."

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III Seminário online Diálogos sobre o Código de Processo Civil: críticas e perspectivas

"“III Seminário online Diálogos sobre o Código de Processo Civil: críticas e perspectivas”, será realizado nos dias 21 e 22/10, promovido pelo Departamento de Direito Processual, com transmissão ao vivo pelo canal do YouTube do Ceped Uerj."

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Primer Congreso Iberoamericano de Derecho Penal Tributario

"La Facultad de Derecho de la Universidad de Buenos Aires y la Facultad de Derecho de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, a través de sus Cátedras de Derecho Financiero y Tributario y el Observatorio de la Facultad de Derecho de la UBA, se han unido para organizar este Congreso."

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